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Multiple extension cords  MULTI

MULTI- 4T - 4 outlet extension

The  MULTI - 4 T is the solution around the office, workshop or home  to connect and protect your equipment.  Multi supplies  4 additional outlets with a total power of  2500 W  (10 Amp x 250V). It's tough and safe. Its patented design withstands being  run over by a car. It is covered with a plastic material resistant to humidity and fire. Includes a lighted circuit breaker for overloads and a triple line filters to protect computers, instruments and appliances. Its heavy duty contacts exceed the requirements of the International Electrical Committee. 


Checika is a symbol of quality in connecting systems. It has been supplying its products and services for the past 30 years to worldwide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).





         4 outlets, total output: 2500 W (250 V x 10 Amp)

         Triple line filter and voltage surge protection.

         Water and humidity resistant (IP-44)

         Reliable. Designed to exceed 5000 insertion cycles.

         Double shielded casing, flame resistant.

         Lighted circuit breaker.

         Mounting holes for optional fixed installation.


Technical Specifications

         Max load 2500 W, 10 A, 250 V

         Ambient Temperature: From -20C to +60C

         Cord and plug with seal of approval  NM-247 and  IRAM 2073

         Size: 93 x 93 x 40 [mm]

         Protection type:  IP 349



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